Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ten Observations On The Habs' 2013-2014 Season - 8 Games In

With 10% of the season now behind us, here are a few statistical (and not so statistical) tidbits to nibble on.

1. Finishing Strong

Nearly half of the Habs’ goals so far have been scored in the third period (12 out 26).

2. In Honour of Buster Bluth.
In 48 games last season, the Canadiens had zero short-handed goals. They already have three after only 8 games this season. 

This was awesome. 

4. A Little Too Generous
Andrei Markov has 10 giveaways on the season - the most for any player on the team. He is followed by P.K. Subban with 4. 

5. With only a bit more than 4 minutes of ice time...
The Montreal skater with the most penalty minutes (20):  George Parros. 

6. Just One More...Damn It.
The Habs have yet to lose a game by more than a one goal margin. 

7. It's hardly worth mentioning but...
After 8 games played, P.K. Subban  is on pace for 103 points on the season. 

8. Until you realize that...
David Deharnais is on pace for 10. 

9.  Everything That Moves
Lars Eller leads the team with 15 hits on the season. 

10. I am quite amused by the fact that...
Barry Trotz is very badger-like.

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